Kuan Wellness Morib

Kuan Wellness Eco Park in Malaysia is a one-of-a-kind bird’s nest ecology park dedicated to ecotourism. Whether you’re a tourist, researcher, nature enthusiast or just curious, you can experience the joys of observing swiftlets in their natural habitat.

Located in Tanjung Sepat, Kuan Wellness Eco Park is strategically positioned between Sepang Goldcoast and Morib Gold Coast, just 75 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, 45 minutes from Putrajaya and 40 minutes from KLIA. It’s fast becoming one of Malaysia’s top eco-tourism destinations.

The park sits on 5 acres of land, surrounded by palm oil plantations and tropical fruit farms which provide plenty of insects, the swiftlet’s favorite food source. The park features a 3½ storey swiftlet house and a visitor center equipped with a car park, restrooms, reception lobby, swiftlet gallery, eco-theatres, bird nest processing and research center, sales center, smoke-free bird nest eco café, eco-garden, green promenade, and more exciting features waiting to be explored.

As a bonus, visitors can watch a fascinating documentary on the swiftlet’s natural habitat to gain a deeper understanding of swiftlet living and the nutritional value of bird’s nests. Health messages related to the consumption of bird’s nest will also be delivered.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, including a fountain, Kuan Wellness Eco Park is the perfect place for both domestic and international tourists to experience the unique lifestyle of swiftlets and be delighted by the nutritious bird’s nest soup for total physical and mental revitalization.