Kuan Wellness Ecopark


Kuan Wellness Ecopark natural ecological park
A day in the morning, you are surrounded by greenery, burst after burst ear heard the sound of chirping birds. North wind blowing, floating in the air with a touch of grassy, ​​front is a large blue sky green, painting rural scenes, not that you have been deeply miss the it?

Kuan Wellness Ecopark ecological farm, is to let you remove the pressure on the shoulders, back to nature, feel the local village life.

Kuan Wellness Ecopark Ecological Leisure Farm is the first company in Malaysia to natural ecological health tourism swallow ecological theme park, covering 15 acres, quiet environment, situated in Tanjung Sepat, located in Sepang Gold Coast and the Gold Coast between Monitor . Nest Court entered a natural ecological park, you can hear voices, crisp chirp. That is swallow sounds. Looked up, swallow the air box on your spin. Here, not only can close contact with birds living habits, and a deeper awareness and understanding of the swallows.

Tel: +603-3148 1126
Fax: +603-3148 1130
Ticket Entrance: MYR2.00 per person

Lot 408, Jalan Tanjung Layang, Kg Tanjung Layang, Mukim Batu, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Selangor.